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Savills dispose d'une équipe de recherche dédiée à l'introspection des  marchés de l'immobilier d’entreprise en Europe. Forte de son large  réseau d'implantations européennes, l'équipe de recherche Savills est en mesure d’exercer une veille et une analyse des marchés et des tendances de l'immobilier européen. Son expertise est employée au sein même des différents services de la société pour accompagner nos clients dans l'optimisation de leur stratégie immobilière. 

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European property: 2015 themes
20 janvier 2015

Property investor sentiment and their consequent market choices will be determined by a variety of economic and geopolitical factors in Europe and their home countries next year.


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Briefing note - Student housing - Part 3: The overbuilding

22 juin 2015

The construction boom in student accommodation is taking place almost exclusively in the high-price segment. The degree of saturation may still be low but this will increase significantly over the coming years. In some cities, this may even result in overbuilding.


Spotlight - Student housing in France 2015

15 juin 2015

According to the latest French student housing report, growing investor interest and limited supply has put downward pressure on prime yields causing them to move in by 20 basis points in the last three years.


Irish Retail Market in Minutes - June 2015

08 juin 2015

The latest retail sales data from the CSO is one of a number of indicators pointing to a sustained recovery in the sector which, in turn, is driving up retail property rents, according to a new report from property consultants, Savills Ireland.


Investment Market monthly - May 2015

05 juin 2015

In May transaction activity is characterised by large portfolio transactions


Briefing note - Student housing - Part 2: The construction boom

05 juin 2015

The building stock of private operators of student accommodation has doubled over the last five years. And it is already foreseeable that this figure will double again. Such developers have been building and continue to build small apartments that are lacking on the open apartment market.

Spotlight on Student Housing Netherlands summer 2015

Spotlight on Student Housing Netherlands summer 2015

02 juin 2015

Including all new developments there is room for 50,000 new student housing units.

Market in Minutes The Netherlands June 2015

Market in Minutes The Netherlands June 2015

01 juin 2015

Recovering occupier demand drives investments volumes.


Briefing note - Student housing - Part 1: The squeeze

01 juin 2015

Student apartments have one distinguishing feature: they are small! Today's students struggle to find apartment sizes they can afford. Consequently, they are being squeezed out of the open apartment market.This has laid the foundations for the emergence of a new market segment.


Market report European Offices - May 2015

27 mai 2015

“Improved financing conditions and some large-scale pre-lets will lead to more development activity.” Eri Mitsostergiou, Savills European Research


Spotlight - Record sales for Monaco residential market

22 mai 2015

Monaco experienced a surge in residential market activity in 2014 with transaction volumes exceeding their 2007 peak for the first time, says international real estate advisor Savills in its Spotlight on Monaco, launched today.


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